Our Mission

To provide personalized training to enhance your technology career.

Who We Are

We bring highly qualified network of mentors who are passionate about developing next generation of IT professionals. Our mentors are from top schools like Stanford, UC Berkeley , Indian Institute of Technology and with significant industry experience with companies like Google, Cisco and VMware.They bring to the table invaluable real time experience in bite-sized video nuggets. Their services make our focussed, role based training hard-to-get in industry.

How it works

Choose an in demand enterprise skill from our growing list of course catalog and learn at your pace.

Practice what you have learned through interactive quizzes and code challenges.

Get additional help by joining an 1 on 1 live office hour with one of our mentors.

Help Us

When you retire to sleep every night, do you contemplate if you did enough with your life that day ? Do you have the desire to give back to a younger generation who desperately need the benefits of your experience ?

Can you spare just a couple of hours each week to give back, just as your teachers and mentors have given to you ? Now is the time to do something more positive. In case you are interested in creating a course or mentor a class, Please send your proposal at contact@mentorsnet.org .

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